Press & Talking

-Review of Every Song Ever by August Kleinzahler, New York Times Book Review

-Review of Every Song Ever by Dan Chiasson, New York Review of Books

-Review of Every Song Ever by Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic

-Review of Every Song Ever by Eric Harvey, New Republic

-Review of Every Song Ever by Rachel Syme,

-Review of Every Song Ever by Dylan Hicks, Rain Taxi

-Review of The Jazz Ear by Nat Hentoff, Jazz Times

-Review of Coltrane by Pankaj Mishra, New York Times Book Review

-Review of Coltrane by Travis Jackson, The Nation

“Mere Virtuosity”: Una’s Lecture, Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley, 10/17/17

-“This Is Not a Burden, It’s a Joy”: Interview w/ BR by Rupert Loydell in Punk & Post-Punk, Vol 9 No 2, June 2020

-Interview w/ BR by Eric Banks, New York Institute for the Humanities Podcast, on virtuosity

-Interview w/ BR by Marc Maron, WTF Podcast 9/22/16

-Google Talks interview

-Interview w/ BR re streaming music & algorithms by Jody Avirgan, 538 podcast

-Interview w/ BR re ESE by Ryan Dombal, Pitchfork

-“Why Be a Critic?”: Ben Ratliff & A.O. Scott interviewed by Jon Caramanica, NYT Popcast