Recent writing

“Not Not Jazz”: on Miles Davis’s 1970s electric period, in the New York Review of Books (a condensed re-edit of an essay for Miles Davis: The Electric Years, released by Vinyl Me Please/Sony)

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Sarah Vaughan, in the New York Times

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Conversation with Marisa Anderson in Presence zine

On Elvis Presley’s “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day, in Criterion’s The Current

McCoy Tyner, 1938-2020, in the New York Times

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On Stereolab, in 4Columns

On Kim Kashkashian, Bach’s Cello Suites, and the violaness of the viola, in Affidavit

On speaking and dreaming in Cassette, in

João Gilberto, 1931-2019, in the New York Times

On Lennie Tristano’s relationship to American visual artists (Robert Ryman, Frank Stella, Bruce Nauman) and various kinds of assumed relationships between jazz and visual art in the  mid 20th c., in Ursula

On listening bars and LA’s In Sheep’s Clothing, in the New York Times

Liner notes for Ornette Coleman’s The Atlantic Years LP box set (excerpt in Jazz Times)

On Ryuichi Sakamoto and background music in restaurants, in the New York Times

Liner notes (excerpted) for a reissue of The Max Roach Trio Featuring the Legendary Hasaan, for Vinyl Me Please

On John Coltrane’s Two Directions at Once, in Pitchfork

On Neil Young’s music in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man, for the Criterion Collection

On Liz Harris/Grouper, in Pitchfork

On Tristan Perich’s Drift Multiply in Red Bull Music

Cecil Taylor, 1929-2018, in the New York Times

On Kate Briggs’ This Little Art and translating, in 4columns

“Mere Virtuosity,” an essay in VQR, Spring 2018 issue (an update and revision of the 2017 Una’s Lecture at University of California, Berkeley)

On encountering music’s past, in

Liner notes for a reissue of Miles Davis’ Sorcerer, for Vinyl Me Please

A conversation with Mark Turner, in Music & Literature

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